Maintain Your HVAC System Year-Round

Sign up for an HVAC maintenance contract in Richmond Hill, GA

Get proactive about taking care of your HVAC system with an HVAC maintenance contract. Coastline Heating & Air, LLC offers biannual and annual HVAC service for homeowners and business owners in Richmond Hill, GA. We'll make sure your heating and cooling system is up to the task of keeping your property comfortable in any weather.

Our annual maintenance contract is $119, and our biannual maintenance contract is $229. You'll also get $20 off all services calls and 10% off repairs. Have questions about our HVAC maintenance contract? Call 912-445-1233 now to get answers from a member of our team in Richmond Hill, GA.

Common myths about HVAC maintenance

Common myths about HVAC maintenance

Are you keeping your HVAC unit in great shape or shortening its life span? Learn the truth about these common myths to protect your investment:

  • You don't need to change air filters that often. Actually, you should change your air filters every few months to prevent clogged ductwork and allergy issues.
  • You should cover an outdoor unit in the winter. Winter maintenance will depend on the type of unit-ask your HVAC contractor for the best advice.
  • You don't need regular HVAC maintenance. HVAC maintenance allows you to repair small issues before they get bigger. It also keeps your system energy efficient.
During your biannual or annual HVAC service, your HVAC contractor will take care of any immediate issues and prepare your system for the upcoming year.