Changing the air filter in your HVAC system seems like such a small thing. It is, in terms of how long it takes to complete the task. But in terms of the havoc it can wreak on your comfort — and your heating and cooling equipment — changing a filter is huge. Here are four reasons why changing the air filter in your Savannah, GA home is critical.

Boosts Indoor Air Quality

HVAC filters trap dust, pollen, and other contaminants that find their way into your home. A clogged filter severely curtails its ability to trap pollutants. Changing your filter boosts your indoor air quality by ensuring that airborne irritants aren’t allowed to circulate continually, triggering asthma and allergy attacks.

Reduces Likelihood of Breakdowns

If you get enough resistance, eventually something breaks. That’s what happens if you neglect heating and AC maintenance. When air can’t easily travel through your system, your system can freeze up or overheat. Additional strain on your blower motor makes it work harder, and it wears out sooner from the effort.

Improves HVAC Efficiency

A dirty filter causes your fan to work harder to push air through your system. The harder it labors, the more energy it consumes. The more energy it devours, the higher your fuel bills soar.

Ensures Consistent Temperatures

If your HVAC system has trouble moving the air because of a clogged filter, the conditioned air might not reach all of the rooms in your home. That means some rooms may never get warm, and some rooms may never get cool enough. Often times, temperature sensors don’t get the signal to power down; this continual operation increases energy consumption — and your expense.

As you can see, an ounce of prevention — regularly changing your air filter — is worth a pound of cure. Regular heating and AC maintenance are critical to your comfort, health, and the lifespan of your equipment. For more information about how Coastline Heating & Air can help, check out our heating and AC maintenance plans or give us a call today.

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