When it comes to keeping your Richmond Hill, GA home comfortable, the process can be a challenge. A smart thermostat makes it easier to maintain control over the indoor climate thanks to appealing and user-friendly features. Review some of the top features of smart thermostats that you’ll love.

Access From Anywhere

One of the top features of a smart thermostat is the ability to control it from anywhere. If you’re about to leave the office, simply open the app on your smartphone and adjust the temperature to ensure that your home feels comfortable when you arrive. You can also set a schedule, check energy usage reports, and make changes to the settings from the app. As soon as you install your new smart thermostat, be sure to download the manufacturer’s app on your device to take advantage of all the features available.

Tracking and Reporting

If you want to figure out how to keep your energy bills under control, a smart thermostat can give you insight into how your home uses energy and where you can make adjustments. Reports are easy to review and compare, giving you an idea of how the usage has changed in a set period of time, as well as month over month.

Automation Features

Home automation is a popular new trend, allowing you to control the various systems and components of your home more conveniently. A smart thermostat is one component of home automation, giving you control that doesn’t require you to physically adjust the temperature on the unit in the house. You can also set up smart thermostats to function with other automation components, such as a smart assistant, smart lights, or smart locks. Many thermostats can also track the weather outside and make automatic adjustments based on shifts in the outdoor temperature.

If you’d like to take advantage of the features that a smart thermostat can offer, contact our HVAC technicians at Coastline Heating & Air.

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