Living on the seacoast, residents in Hinesville, GA have easy access to sandy beaches and bright sunshine. However, the sand, sun, and salt air can harm your home comfort system. Here are two significant effects that coastal climates have on HVAC equipment and what you can do to counteract those effects.

Dirt and Grime Buildup

With our sandy soils, it doesn’t take long for sand and dirt to accumulate inside your outdoor condenser unit. The sea breeze, vehicles, and merely walking around your yard can whip up small particles that find their way onto your coils, motor, and fan blades. If left unchecked, dirt buildup can block your unit’s airflow and potentially lead to an expensive AC repair.

Helpful tip: Place your condenser unit so that your home blocks the ocean breeze and change your filters regularly.

Salt Air

As you well know, salt corrodes. Your HVAC equipment is not exempt from corrosion. Salt buildup on your outdoor unit and its components can significantly damage your condenser coil fins. Corrosion shortens the lifespan of your condenser unit — some experts say reducing it by up to three years — and leads to its early demise.

Helpful tips: Leave your outdoor unit uncovered so that rainwater can rinse it off periodically, and ask our comfort advisors about corrosion-resistant systems.

Regular Maintenance is The Real Key

Following the tips listed above will help neutralize the effects of Hinesville’s coastal climate on your HVAC equipment. The real solution, however, is regular maintenance. Routine check-ups ensure that your condenser coils are free of salt buildup, your fins and other HVAC components are working properly, and your air filters are unclogged.

Coastline Heating & Air offers maintenance agreements that give you peace of mind and keep your equipment operating efficiently. To learn more about what we include in our maintenance visits, check out our maintenance services or give us a call.

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