Is the heater in your Richmond Hill, Georgia, home, making funny or unusual noises? Many furnace sounds are normal, however, if you hear any of the following noises, give us a call to inspect, repair, or replace your heater.

Thumping or Scraping

Thumping or scraping noises usually indicate an issue with the blower wheel in the furnace. Do not ignore this noise as extensive damage could result, especially if parts are loose and getting blown around the furnace housing. Turn off the heater and have it repaired.


Squealing noises often indicate a faulty or malfunctioning blower motor. A broken blower motor belt squeals as well when it comes loose. If the shaft bearing needs oil or other parts of the blower wheel or fan are having issues, you’ll hear a squealing sound as well. If left unchecked, further damage can result in expensive repairs or replacement of the furnace.


If you suddenly hear a loud pop or boom, you have a serious issue and must turn the gas furnace off immediately. Booming generally indicates a gas build up inside of the furnace chamber and when it ignites, an explosion occurs. Not only is an explosion a potential fire risk, but the heat exchanger can crack as well as putting excess stress on the metal surrounding the furnace.


Humming sounds may indicate one of the capacitors is failing. There are two capacitors in the furnace system: the start capacitor supplies extra energy to jump-start the system, and the run capacitor provides a steady stream of electricity while the heater is running. If either of these or faulty or fail, your heater won’t turn on or run to keep you warm.

Any of the above noises are cause for concern and need attention from our professional technicians. You should not try to DIY these complex problems.

If your heater is making strange noises, give our professional team at Coastline Heating & Air a call to schedule heater repairs or replacement. We look forward to speaking with you at (912) 445-1233.

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