Over the last several years, public health authorities have become increasingly concerned about the dangers of poor indoor air quality. For many Savannah, Georgia, homeowners, the greatest threat comes from particulate matter. Reducing your exposure to this complex mixture of tiny solid and liquid particles is essential to creating a healthy home. Fortunately, tackling particle pollution may be easier than you think.

Practice Good HVAC Maintenance

In a typical home, the HVAC system serves as the first line of defense against particle pollution. Paradoxically, it can also become a major contributor to poor air quality if it isn’t properly maintained. First and foremost, check your air filters monthly and change or clean them as needed to preserve effective filtration. Additionally, stick to the professional HVAC maintenance schedule recommended by your equipment manufacturer. Routine servicing keeps your equipment clean and promotes efficient operation, ensuring your system isn’t adding more particulates to the air.

Improve Your Air Filtration and Ventilation

When your HVAC system’s built-in air filters aren’t enough, it’s time to call in reinforcements. A high-efficiency air cleaner is an easy, cost-effective way to keep particulate matter to a minimum. Some systems can actively remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles from your home. Adding a ventilator may also be an excellent decision. Whole-home ventilators continually refresh the air in your house while expelling particulates and other airborne pollutants.

Explore Other HVAC Technologies

In addition to dedicated indoor air quality solutions, installing or replacing certain HVAC systems can also help control particulates. In terms of managing air quality, heat pumps are more effective than traditional systems. They run for longer periods at higher efficiencies, so they’re able to filter greater volumes of air. For even better results, consider a ductless HVAC system. Without air ducts, there are fewer places for particulates to infiltrate, accumulate, and ultimately enter the air in your home.

If particulate matter is putting your health and wellness in peril, it’s time to take control. Call the experts at Coastline Heating & Air to explore our full range of affordable, effective indoor air quality solutions.

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