If you notice an unexplained rise in your heating bills in your Richmond Hill, GA home or business, ask a professional to find the problem. Noticeably higher heating costs can be due to issues ranging from poorly installed thermostats to leaking ducts. The expert heating contractors at Coastline Heating & Air can troubleshoot to find the problem and get your heating bills under control. Here are a few reasons why your heating costs may be rising.

Leaking Ducts

According to Energy Star, as much as 30% of the air passing through ducts is lost because of leaks, poor joins, or improper installation. Examine the condition of your ductwork to see if that is the cause of increased heating costs. In addition, ducts should be examined during routine maintenance checkups at least once a year.

Inadequate Insulation

Inadequate insulation in attics, basements, walls, crawl spaces, and around doors and windows makes your heating system work harder. The result is increased energy bills and more wear and tear on the unit. Check insulation levels and add more if they are not up to recommended levels for the Richmond Hill area. Sealing air leaks can save up to 20% on heating and air conditioning energy bills.

Inefficient Unit

If you have an older furnace, it may be wearing out. As parts begin to wear down, it may break down more often or your heating costs may increase. New furnaces operate at higher efficiencies than older ones. Some are as much as 95% efficient. This means that 95% of the energy used is converted to heat and only 5% is lost. Older models have efficiencies that can be as low as 56%. New models offer variable speed blowers, electronic ignitions, and two-stage heating. These features result in lowered utility bills and increased comfort.

If your heating bills have increased, Call Coastline Heating & Air at (912) 445-1233 to investigate. We offer heating repairs, preventive maintenance, and new installations for businesses and residents of Richmond Hill and nearby areas.

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