With Savannah’s humid coastal climate, indoor air quality is an important health concern for local homeowners and businesses. Luckily, consumers, today can choose from a multitude of indoor air quality accessories. Many of these devices make bold claims, but do they live up to their promises? If you’re interested in portable or whole-home IAQ products, here’s what you should know.

Air Cleaners and Filtration Products

Air purifiers are your first line of defense against particulates, one of the most diverse groups of pollutants. Portable air cleaners typically serve a limited area, such as a large or midsize room; whole-house models cover a larger area and remove a wider range of pollutants. While many filtration systems can disable germs and capture microscopic particles, air cleaners cannot remove carbon dioxide or chemicals.

Mechanical Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation is one of the most underappreciated aspects of the HVAC industry. Sufficient airflow is critical for optimal comfort and indoor air quality. If your home needs help in this department, our heating and AC experts can install a mechanical ventilator. These systems reduce VOCs and maintain healthy ventilation rates. However, in most cases, you’ll have to choose between a system designed for warm or cool-season use.


Dehumidifiers perform one job, but they can address several common air quality issues, including organic growth and dust mites. If you’ve been using a portable dehumidifier, a whole-house model could be a major upgrade. These IAQ products remove more than 10 gallons of water vapor daily while draining excess moisture outside your home. Our contractors can connect the system to your HVAC ducts or position the unit in your crawlspace to address humidity issues at the source.

IAQ Products From Local Heating and AC Experts

Coastline Heating & Air installs a complete range of Trane indoor air quality accessories. Our heating and AC experts provide personalized recommendations following an in-home assessment. You can learn more about our selection of products online or by calling our office.

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